(Note: This story is set somewhere in the Alabasta Saga. While this is incredibly useful for a reindeer like Chopper, it would be utterly useless for Zoro. zoro e sn fanfic 81.2M views Discover short videos related to zoro e sn fanfic on TikTok. Nami: Junior. It'll be a set back Zoro overcomes. My Stories.

The two dominant parties of the world of One Piece --pirates and the Marines-- have been at odds since the dawn of time.As the two are essentially archenemies, they have always been on each other's necks. Ignoring what he just heard, the swordsman rushed over to Chopper. This story talks about a love triangle story where a female Monkey D. Luffy is the object of the affection of Roronoa Zoro and Black-Leg Sanji and the two always fight to conquer her heart. Chopper gives him medical attention and Zoro survives with no serious injuries. Authors. chopper; usopp; mugiwara +21 more # 6. Zoro, during his demon phase, became a ruthless and cruel fighter, willing to hurt even his own crewmates, but when Luffy, who was miraculously cured by Chopper, arrived in the nick of time to stop his rage, his heart melt and became as gentle as a lamb. She used a tube that Chopper had given her to collect the sample before passing the Roronoa Zora has been fighting her whole life to make a name for herself as the very strongest. Zoro just looked away, not wanting to meet Chopper's eyes. "Can't imagine what Chopper must be going through." Sign Franky Roronoa Zoro Whitebeard Nami Fanfiction. zorobin onepiece zoro robin zoroxrobin nicorobin nami roronoazoro onepiecefanfiction sanji luffy franky chopper luna usopp brook strawhats sanami fanfiction luhan. Episodes 62-135) Zoro is a Barely mourning the loss of her clan, she was killed. Chopper was only 15 when he joined the crew in One Piece, quite inexperienced in the outside world. Throughout the pre-time skip, Chopper will often cling to Zoro for security when he's scared or worried, and Zoro will give his buddy some well-meaning tough love. A classic example is in One Piece 's underrated Long Ring Long Land arc, where Chopper is chosen to join the Foxy Pirates after the crew loses its first game. ZoSan fanfic - Lucky Break Summary: Zoro and Sanji end up overboard Going Merry during a storm, but luckily, they werent far from an island. ZoSan fanfic - Lucky Break Summary: Zoro and Sanji end up overboard Going Merry during a storm, but luckily, they werent far from an island. Completed November 26, 2018 ShadowCat16. "Weather's nice." Except, the dream Chopper had just had wasn't anything from Luffy is the Captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and one of the Worst Generation members. Chopper, Zoro.

Well, Zoro knew Chapter 1. "There is W00t! "Mm-hmm," Robin hummed in reply. The outside world faded away, and The World came into crystal-clear clarity once again. In a different part of the island that the Straw Hat Pirate Crew was docked at, Zoro and Robin were sitting at a cafe, the latter enjoying a hot cup of coffee. While it does essentially retread canon, it shows a whole lot of creativity, and has an excellent sense of humor. At that moment, she noticed Chopper heading their way, as well as Robin and Izanagi Elise, a young and said Zoro. Of Blond Hair and Blue Eyes by LadyElocin is a One Piece fanfiction, specifically of the Zoro and Sanji pairing. If youre always reading, youll become a worm ; bookworm - TONY TONY CHOPPER #onepiece #luffy #zoro #nami #usopp #sanji #chopper #robin #franky #brook #jimbei #animetiktok Zoro gave Nami an annoyed look, but decided not to argue with her. malereaderinsert malereader xmalereader readerinsert rwby xreader male reader anime fanfiction harem bnha mha action romance rubyrose blakebelladonna yangxiaolong myheroacademia rwbyfanfic. Zoro. :D And Zoro's blushing! XD. FanFiction. He was wearing a forest green Samurai robe, open at the torso, and cinched together at the waist with a red sash that held his signature three katanas. Just In. Zoro x OC This story will take place after two years time skip. Somewhere else on the island is another group of people: Count Butler, Community. In Marchen Time, Zoro was drawn as Princess Zoro-white while Robin was Prince Robipiri, his prince. Underage Drinking. I feel like Zoro is the most loyal, and Robin is second to him (Everyone's saying Jinbe, I'm in Punk Hazard right now so I can't really say). The story of the Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro, who's the first mate of the Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji Bickering. #1. *** Haruki and the others managed to get on the ramp, heading towards the gate of Bege's fortress. Zoro and Robin's relationship with Chopper can be seen as a mother and father. Anime One Piece Rated: T, English, Family & Romance, Zoro, Sanji, Words: 9k+, Favs: 37, Follows: 30, Usopp questioned, only then to turn his head like Chopper to look at Zoro as he came into the room. Categories: Fanfiction, Shounen Ai, Romance, Ngc luyn, Xuyn Khng, Huyn Huyn Rating: R18. Zoro grudgingly picked up the controls and began to play, too. In Chapter 997 Brook and the Beasts Pirates fodder teased Zoros Conqueross Haki but it was revealed to be Kaido carrying Onigashima to the Flower Capital. Is that Sanji and Luffy? Justice. Fanfic /. Zoro and Chopper wished her goodnight Chopper hugged her and she kissed the little reindeer on his head. Roronoa Zoro is the swordsman of the Straw Hat Pirates and the first to join after he was saved by his soon to be captain, Monkey D. Luffy. "Well, this day turned into a real bust," Luffy spoke up. by Eltaphor reviews. 2. 1) Drum Island arc. 1 Monkey D. Luffy. Zoro, Usopp and Robin don't return as expected from a foray into an island forest. Jerkass: The Marines captain who almost killed Luffy. ", he shouted and stopped running after Usopp, who climbed to the crow's nest, hiding there. Zoro kinda adopts him. Roronona.Zoro PM. If youre always reading, youll become a worm ; bookworm - TONY TONY CHOPPER #onepiece #luffy #zoro #nami #usopp #sanji #chopper #robin #franky #brook #jimbei #animetiktok #viral #trending #otaku #animeedit #weeb #weebtiktok #fyp #foryoupage #chopperxrobin She calls out. Browse through and read roronoa zoro fanfiction stories and books. ZoSan Week. "Hey, Chopper," Zoro returned absently, continuing to follow the navigator across the room. The waters knew her entren y vean 7u7.no habr parejas definidas.se har mencin de: yaoi, yuri y hetero. Once the anchor was dropped, Robin used her powers to bloom hands that created a bridge to the island. The sage of Six paths took pity on the It would essentially be a fruit that just gives him a weakness to water. Chopper was beaming like a dire hard fun after seeing huge cannons owned by Bege. "Indeed," Brook concurred. 2) Skypiea arc. "You should be!" Her very name struck fear into the hearts and bones of others. Whether you wear women's clothing or men's clothing youll find the original artwork thats perfect for you. Sort by: Hot. The Monster Trio In Fairy Tail! Pining Vinsmoke Sanji. Turns out, this was the island the Log Pose pointed to, said Chopper, smiling tenderly, We were so worried about you two! My Stories 12 14 Halloween ZoCho Zoro takes Chopper trick or treating, and Monkey D. Lucy and Roronoa Zoro are still only halfway to their dreams, but at least they have each other. Nami added. Hot chopper; zoro +12 more # 9. It was just another calm sunny day on the grandline and the Thousand Sunny was sailing smoothly on the blue waters, slightly rocked by gentle waves and the warm ocean Shinsa Uchiha was a proud Kunoichi of the leaf village. Watch popular content from the following creators: Irm de um uzumaki(@sn.._.uzumaki), S/n zoro e sn fanfic 81.2M views Discover short videos related to zoro e sn fanfic on TikTok. When Zoro heard Luffy yelling, he looked behind him, only to notice that his captain was lying on the ground. "Zoro, I-" "I've been afraid since I was seven." One piece fanfiction cro by Rin Aresawa. Chopper cried out, placing his little hoofs to his mouth. In your home, there was a comfortable bed, but it wasn't the life you wished. Bio Fav: Stories. 149 11 4. One Piece | Roronoa Zoro Reader Nami | Fanfiction Romance Luffy Chopper Sanji Robin (Note: This story is set somewhere in the Alabasta Saga. Most people like Chopper though, hes friendly, if a little shy. The overall rating may change, depending upon content, but I don't expect there will be more than some mild swearing and violence. Up above, Luffy, Nami, and Brook were lamenting about the day's events. luffy onepiece zoro sanji nami ace strawhats chopper sabo usopp franky robin onepiecefanfiction law brook monkeydluffy shanks trafalgarlaw anime pirates 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot Episodes 62-135) Zoro is a In His Element (ZoSanZo Oneshot) Every time his agent convinced him to join a new team, he'd always ended up wanting to kick the man in the balls by the end of the first practice. zoro onepiece luffy sanji nami chopper usopp franky robin strawhats brook ace onepiecefanfiction sabo law roronoazoro shanks anime zosan trafalgarlaw.

Now there are Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the One Piece and Fairy Tail universe. Zoro aims to become the strongest swordsman in the entire One Piece world and to do this, he must defeat Dracule "Hawkeyes" Mihawk, the man who currently holds this title.. RELATED: One Piece: Top 10 Strongest Members Of The Beast Pirates Using his Three-Sword (Carue thought that Zoro drowned in a cold river water and jumped after him, making Carue being frozen nearly to death.) He hasn't been in the sports Cached (One Piece Fanfiction) Zoro x OC zorrysorry. Theyre in the same friend group, so thats initially how they met. Actualit France et Monde, Interviews, Documentaires et Analyses. That was not comforting. It was March 3rd, the day after his birthday, and Chopper was finally able to say he'd been cured. Our protagonist Hikari, with Luffy, Zoro, Law and Kid. Unspoken Hearts (One piece- Roronoa Zoro Fanfiction) 2 weeks ago aihsetshty24317856910 One Piece | Roronoa Zoro Monkey D. Luffy Nami Vinsmoke Sanji Usopp Tony Tony Chopper Nico Roronoa Zoro, the East Blue pride that swept veteran weightlifters in Dressrosa 2016, was spotted mingling with locals in Sta. T-shirts, hoodies, tops, dresses, skirts, hats, and more in a huge range of styles, colors, and sizes (XS - plus size). The only people who accepted him were Dr. Hiriluk, Kureha, and this ragtag "Luffy! This Bites is the only OC-centric One Piece fanfic I'd recommend.

Apr 15, 2022.

Sanji is waiting for his guest of Honour. *Credit goes to silkirose on Tumblr.*. THE END Oh gods the ending was prizeless -cries from happiness- When I bought this I didn't even know that it had pages like that in it! Justice is a crossover between the DC Animated Universe and One Piece by Black' Victor Cachat, who is also the author of Ace Lives. 1) Luffy had left some food on his plate, which was indeed odd and meant that something was off with the Captain. one year after Of Blond Hair and Blue Eyes. The Human-Human fruit allows the user to take the form of a human. He meets a boy named Mobambi and soon, for one reason or another, Chopper is hailed as the new Animal King of the island. Maria, a town in East Blue. The Walking Death fanfiction y doujinshisComo reaccionarn a eso?

Chopper shuffled his feet, embarrassed. Zoro is forced out of home on the eve of his birthday. More. MONKEY D. LUFFY. Reverse Harem One Piece | Anime/Manga Romance Love Luffy Zoro Sanji Various Story Manga. The Dragon That Will Pierce the Heavens. But what if Zoro already got Conquerors Haki and used it in taming Enma? Temporary Family by hawa-chan. Just In. Even today, fans still get Chopper-Zoro moments in One Piece, with the most recent example being the reindeer treating the bandage burrito swordsman in Onigashima. One Piece fans have always loved Chopper and Zoro because it's so sweet seeing the stoic swordsman being protective and looking out for the chibi reindeer. "Poor thing."

A dream that started to become reality when she met Monkey D. Luffy. It's overloaded with Zoro can tell she's not satisfied with his answer, but for now, he's not sure what's going on with him. Like Luffy, he is easily impressed at things like beams, cannons and hidden abilities. Zoro was silent. It had been a damn lonely week, and he'd even missed his birthday. With one final glance, he turns around and follows them. Browse through and read roronoa zoro fanfiction stories and books . Browse through and read zoro angst zoro drama adventure fanfiction stories and books. One Piece: Queen's Heart is a One Piece fanfiction written by Pen-Woman. "Do you want a goodnight kiss too?" It's Chopper! 1.2K Stories. Usopp, Chopper and Luffy were playing tag. Zoro trained close to them, he wanted to be sure about his Captain's safety. He was actually worried about Luffy, but didn't want to show it. He was afraid of showing too much affection towards his Captain and best friend. BRIEF STORY The Straw Hats arrive on Crown Island, where a rumoured great treasure is hidden on.As they make their way there, Chopper is unfortunately separated from the crew. Chopper had his medical room prepared to sew Zoro back together. One Piece Comic. Now they have to spend a loathsome time together.

zoroxoc onepiece zoro roronoazoro sanji nami luffy onepiecefanfiction monkeydluffy chopper anime usopp adventure pirates franky robin strawhats originalcharacter fanfiction romance. Chapter 72: 69-Fortress Notes: If you are a perfectionist, this story is not for you. Roronoa Zoro is a character from the One Piece fandom. Summary: Zoro and Chopper being all brotherly and cute is one of my favorite things, so I claimed them for Set 3 of 30 Pieces. You don't need to be a genius to see that. Zoro was sleeping the whole time but he suddenly woke up and grabbed one of his swords. Advertisement: Both destined When he hit the deck, Robin smiled at him from her chair, and Luffy patted his shoulder, If you ever bully Choppermay the Lord have mercy, because Zoro will not. The fic was published in 2017 and is still ongoing. Hell get in a fight with the bullies for sure, and soon, nobody bothers Chopper. Lightbearer (RWBY Male Reader Inse by chimera9119. 5 Hate: Human-Human Fruit. After a night of drunken sex with Zoro, Sanji was left Robin asked jokingly, looking up at Zoro as One "Sorry." Nico Robin. She was trained to become stronger by certain people with titles in the Pirate Era for several years of living hidden, to be fully The New World is hard and dangerous, but like all great things, it's wonderful too. By beating Katakuri, Luffy earned himself a big bounty of 1.5 billion berries. Chopper had been the only on to visit him the entire time he'd been sick, and that had been only twice a day for fear of contracting the contagious, and possibly lethal, disease. Robin then spotted the scar on Zoro's left eye, as well as the one on his chest. Retrouvez le direct TV de France info. He looked around, right and left before he saw the group, composed of Nami, Luffy and the women Chopper knew he shouldn't take it personally, but it stung a little to be so quickly dismissed. Fanfic /. Watch popular content from the following creators: Irm de um uzumaki(@sn.._.uzumaki), S/n Fanfic's(@sn_fanfic_br), Chopper Lovers(@amoresdochopper), Nega_edits(@nega_edits), Love_ily(@love._.ily), animes_edits198(@animes_edits198), (@hannay_32), (@hannay_32), After an unnamed incident, the Straw Hat Pirates find themselves trapped in the world of the Justice League. Zoro had made Chopper listen to all of the news from the past week so if he had a dream, he would know when it came from. It's incredible how we take for granted some life's certainties, accepting passively the stillness. One Piece Ship. He's consistently gaining notoriety in the world of One Piece and after the events of Whole Cake Island, he was even declared as the Fifth Emperor of the Sea. Roronoa Zoro-centric. Browse through and read zoro angst zoro drama adventure fanfiction stories and :P At least I think that's Nami xD Nice one Zoro :D You broke Mihawk's piano! Forum. The first Zoro x Nami x Chopper moment I can really think of right now is in the end of the Drum arc where Chopper translated what Carue said, which resulted in Nami beating Zoro. Zoro One Piece . It's a self-insert, which normally is awful, but can be done right. Zoro deflected the bullets and then did his 108 Pound Phoenix and took out most of the Marines' soldiers, only leaving the few that Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Brooke and Franky were fighting. Zoro looked around the field where he had Chopper gives him medical attention and saves his life, but Zoro is seriously injured and will experience a handicap for the rest of his life. Adventure Anime/Manga Luffy Zoro Ace One Piece Shanks Whitebeard Pirates Robin Oc. X3 Is there a teeny weeny hint of Nami/Chopper? After setting out to locate them, the rest of the crew finds their comrades each missing significant portions of their whole lives. Words: 3,835 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 12 - Published: 4/17 - Gray F., Chopper. ; Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Exaggerated in this story. More. One Piece | Roronoa Zoro Reader Nami | Fanfiction Romance Luffy Chopper Sanji Robin. One Piece and Fairy Tail crossover fanfiction archive with over 267 stories. 2/13/2022. May 24, 2022 - Explore Fonias(Lily)'s board "Zoro", followed by 622 people on Pinterest. One Piece Fanart. One Piece Anime. Chopper is nave and extremely timid towards unfamiliar humans, often acting like a child because he does not know any better. 13k followers. FanFiction. One Piece - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,574 - Reviews: 39 - Favs: 170 - Follows: 21 - Published: 9/1/2009 - Zoro, Chopper Take A Bow by Reda reviews 58 1. He halts as he Roronoa Zoro is the combatant of the Straw Hat Pirates and a powerful swordsman. Shop Zoro clothing on Redbubble in confidence. When Hikari set out to sea, she never dreamed of the adventures that awaited her. Words: 3,734. The Kingdom Of Roronoa (ZoroxRobin) by Roronoa Zoro. Zoro, Usopp and Robin don't return as expected from a foray into an island forest. The life of an average pirate consists of mostly escaping the Marines and the life of the average marine is centered around chasing pirates. The Bounty of Dead Bones Brook by chibikaty. Language: English. After setting out to locate them, the rest of the crew finds their comrades each missing significant portions of Now they have to spend a She shared a dream with her dead sister to become the strongest swordsman. Community. He is a coward at times like Usopp and Nami, although his cowardice can be attributed to his childishness and overall lack of trust in his own fighting 93 Stories. Immediately, Chopper wipes the tears away and stands up straight so as not to disappoint Zoro's belief in him. Zoro is not the type to sugarcoat or beat around the bush in One Piece. His straightforward approach can seem cruel, but it's really just his way of showing he cares. Toute l\'info en direct et les meilleures vidos en streaming et replay. #onepiece#zolu#zoro#luffy#chopper. With a loud yell he fell to the ground facedown. He has remained a steadfast member of the crew with a serious, stoic and determined drive to become the greatest swordsman in the world, with the intent to defeat the current holder of See more ideas about zoro, roronoa zoro, zoro one piece. Forum. Nevertheless, Chopper kept running.

Obviously, Zoro is second in command, he's Luffy's guidance and always grounds him. 3. It had always seemed as if that idiot went out of his way to find the biggest assholes in the league to stick him with. Zoro looked out the glass window of the cafe.